Does Freemax Autopod50 Kit Deserve To Buy?

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Does Freemax Autopod50 Kit Deserve To Buy?

Beitragvon freemaxvape » Sa 1. Aug 2020, 08:47

At the very beginning, Autopod50 Pod Vape is designed to meet the needs of both MTL and DTL vaping. As Freemax has the most strict requirements for vapor, flavor, draw and coil life, the whole technician team spent the first half year testing and came with nothing. The balance of MTL and DTL is hard to achieve in one product and Freemax NEVER accept any compromise in order to get a project faster.


Autopod50 is customized to meet the DTL vaping needs between 15W to 50W with the outstanding features below:
1.REAL BUCK/BOOST Wattage Output
2.Unlike all the other pod mod using single coil, Autopod is World’s First Double Mesh Coil Pod Mod Kit.
3.REAL 2000mAh inner battery with Type C and 2A Fast Charging function
4.30-40 Times of Refills for Each AX2 Mesh Coil

So what do you think of this Freemax Autopod50? Does it deserve to buy? One more thing is not to forget to participate in Freemax Twister 30W Giveaway here>>
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