Freemax Marvos DTL Pod - Glass VS PCTG

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Freemax Marvos DTL Pod - Glass VS PCTG

Beitragvon freemaxvape » Do 29. Apr 2021, 09:01

Freemax Marvos DTL Pod for Marvos T 80W has two types of options: Marvos PCTG DTL Pod and Marvos Glass DTL Pod(sold separately). This pod utilizes the Freemax Patented MS Mesh Coil Technology, which is inspired by Freemax's world-known Fireluke product line. Besides equipped with the industry-leading mesh coil technology FM COILTECH4.0, it can hold 4.5ml of liquid (TPD 2ml) with two MS Mesh Coils for DTL vaping need: MS DTL coils & ML MTL coils.

As for you, which one will you prefer, Marvos PCTG DTL Pod or Marvos Glass DTL Pod?

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