Freemax Maxus 100W Metal Edition - New Silver Color

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Freemax Maxus 100W Metal Edition - New Silver Color

Beitragvon freemaxvape » Sa 16. Jan 2021, 07:44

As we all know, Maxus 100W Metal Edition has four brand new panel options: Marble Black, Stabwood Rainbow, Gunmetal, and Silver, so which color do you like best? If you are looking for a classic metal style, choose Gunmetal and Silver metal panel. If you are looking for colors and personalities, Marble Black and Stabwood would be a better option. Today here comes the new picture of Maxus 100W in silver one, so do you like this silver color?


Freemax Maxus Series Kits Metal Edition not only has a charming appearance but also has some highlight features that differ from the other box mod kits in the market. The features of innovative FM COILTECH4.0 with SS904L Mesh and Tea Fiber Cotton Formula, SmartLoad Tech for loading the battery, and child-resistant top fill design make Maxus 100W Kit outstanding in the box mod kit market.

Overall, with brand new panel options, Maxus 100W Kit has everything you need for sub-ohm vaping and it’s the one and only kit you’ve ever needed if you are looking for a kit up to 100W.
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