Freemax ”We Vape, We Save” Campaign - 1000 Sets

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Freemax ”We Vape, We Save” Campaign - 1000 Sets

Beitragvon freemaxvape » Do 25. Mär 2021, 10:41

Inspired by the spirit of protecting the environment, Freemax having been designing and developing environmentally-friendly vape devices over the years. In order to encourage the right treatment methods of used vape devices, here comes the “We Vape, We Save” Campaign at the launch of the Onnix 20W Kit.

Vapers Vaping Environmental-Friendly should be rewarded! 1000 sets of Onnix 20W Kits (green limited edition) online rewards and 500,000 pieces of OX Coils in vapor stores are free offered by Freemax to spread the concept of "We Vape, We Save!" Any vaper takes 5 pcs of used pods, pod coils or disposables of all brands for the exchange of one piece of new Freemax OX Coil.

Please click here to join the campaign>>

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