[Giveaway] Freemax New Vape Pen Is Coming Soon!

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[Giveaway] Freemax New Vape Pen Is Coming Soon!

Beitragvon freemaxvape » Do 16. Jul 2020, 07:50

Good news! 4 days later, Freemax will release another new vape pen kit. As is known to us, Twister 80W Kit is also one vape pen kit welcomed by many vapers, so how about this new one this time?

Now it’s time to TWIST to start the magic and enjoy marvelous flavors.Would you like to name Freemax new product from the above hint?
Q: Freemax ________ 30W Kit, marvelous flavors by a simple twist!


Do you want to win one to be the first person to test it? Now please enter Freemax official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to join this activity. Freemax will choose 1 lucky tester for this amazing new product on each channel. It means you have three chances to win it.
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