New Freemax M Pro 2 VS M Pro Tank

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New Freemax M Pro 2 VS M Pro Tank

Beitragvon freemaxvape » Mo 13. Jul 2020, 09:55

You must be excited that Freemax has released its Maxus 200W with M Pro 2 Tank if you are a fan of Freemax vape brand. The M Pro 2 tank is the brand new updated version of the legend M Pro Mesh Tank, well-known for its superior cloud, flavor and coil longevity. Now let’s talk about some difference between M Pro 2 and M Pro Tank, so what's the updating?


First, Freemax M Pro 2 utilizes FM Coiltech 4.0, with military-grade SS904L mesh material and tea fiber cotton for more stable vaping experience and refreshflavors. However, Freemax M Pro Tank adopts FM COILTECH 2.0 with 90% Flax Fiber (Wood Pulp) Cotton and 10% Japanese Organic Cotton Formula.

Second, this time Freemax M Pro 2 is added three steel balls into the top cap to increase friction for avoiding potential leakage.

Third, M Pro 2 has diamond glass available, which makes it so unique among all the other tanks.

More details about Freemax M Pro 2 Tank>>

So can you find any other feature that different from the M Pro? Welcome to leave your comment below.
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