The Difference Between Maxpod And Autopod50 You Will Know

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The Difference Between Maxpod And Autopod50 You Will Know

Beitragvon freemaxvape » Mo 15. Jun 2020, 09:34

In order to meet users’ different needs, Freemax has released two new pod vape kits recently. One is Freemax Maxpod Pod System Kit, and another is Freemax Autopod50 Kit. Freemax Maxpod is mainly for MTL vaping and Autopod50 is customized to meet the DTL vaping needs.


Different battery capacity: Maxpod Kit comes with a 550mAh battery, and Autopod50 Kit is with the real 2000mAh inner battery.

Different output wattage range: the output wattage of Freemax Maxpod can range from 8W to 11W, however, Autopod50 can arrange between 5W to 50W.

Different FM Coiltech: Maxpod utilizes FM SalCoilTech 2.0 with 1.0ohm and 1.5ohm NS Mesh Coil for both nic salt and freebase vaping. However, Autopod50 adopts FreeMax Coiltech 4.0 with AX2 Mesh Coil 0.25ohm and 0.5ohm available.

Although both of the pod kits are designed for different needs, both can bring you the best vaping experience in regards of taste and flavor.

More details about Freemax Maxpod, please visit Freemax official vape site>>
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