Video On Every Detail Of Freemax Maxpod Circle Kit Review

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Video On Every Detail Of Freemax Maxpod Circle Kit Review

Beitragvon freemaxvape » Mi 11. Nov 2020, 08:47

How do you like the appearance of new Freemax Maxpod Circle Pod System? This is one circular pod vape kit, which is so different from the other pod system in the market. A stunning resin or carbon fiber panels on both sides make Maxpod Circle Kit so attractive with four colors available: Carbon Fiber Red, Carbon Fiber Black, Resin Black, Resin Yellow. Equipped with a necklace, you can wear it on your neck or put it into your pocket. 2.0mL pod juice capacity and a whopping 550mAh battery will keep the vape powered for all day use.

Now please watch this video to know more outstanding features of Maxpod Circle Pod Kit below:

So which features of Freemax Maxpod Kit has given you much deep impression? Which color of Maxpod Circle is your favorite one? Welcome to leave your comment below.
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